IRONCAD 2019 beta testy

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IRONCAD 2019 beta testy

Postautor: admin » 21 lis 2018, 10:13

UWAGA: Przed rozpoczęciem testów proszę zrobić kopię obecnych projektów!

Dear Valued Customers,

The IRONCAD 2019 release represents a significant leap forward for users in the equipment machinery manufacturing sector, working with large complex assemblies, and those wishing to collaborate and share data with their customer and supply chain. At a top level, this release includes:

Enhanced ShrinkWrap Capability – The ShrinkWrap was introduced last year and has been received well by users working with or configuring large assemblies, and for those looking to share outline data outside the organization but without distributing their intellectual property. It was always planned that we would develop this functionality further in 2019, and we have also gathered valuable input from some of our key users to extend this capability to be more powerful and used in additional workflows.

Assembly Improvements – Also targeting the users with large assemblies and configurations, we have made a number of improvements to the Smart Assembly capabilities, making it easier to manage links and constraints when building rules based models.

User Experience Improvements – We are introducing a number of UI improvements to modernize the look and feel, improve the TriBall graphically and have also improved the first impression for new users, with better start up dialogs and training videos.

Improved SheetMetal Capability – New improvements in SheetMetal that including corner reliefs features and manufacturing bend notches have been added to our capabilities.

In addition to these key target areas, we have also incorporated a large number of additional enhancement requests.

Below you will find a high-level list of functionality items that are included in the 2019 beta release.

Improved Productivity in Design Process

Quick Design using Catalog Shapes – Many of the default shapes will be updated to have "Active Handles" on the Starter and Shapes catalog items on by default and a new behavior to automatically tab to the next sizebox handle on "enter" will be introduced. Users will be able to simply drop a shape, enter a value, hit enter and will be automatically directed to another handle to type in the next value speeding up the design process. As you keep typing and hitting enter, you can quickly set values of the sizebox directly.

TriBall pattern support for multiple feature pattern – Users will be able to pattern a pattern of a feature pattern created by the TriBall. This opens up new design possibilities with the TriBall feature pattern. Our intent is to enable this at the part level in a future version.

Select Area/Region on Sketch for feature commands (I.E. Extrude) – In more complex designs, users would like to sketch out the profile for extrude commands. With the new select area, users do not need to trim geometry in order to extrude closed areas. This allows users to build sketch designs faster and with less work in order to build the desired geometry.

Increase Large Assembly Performance and Support of Larger Data Sets

Shrinkwrap vs. Full Load swap on open – Allow users to load the full model or shrinkwrap version of model when linked into a master scene file on open. This provides the ability to work on a simplified model and load the critical data for improved open/save and even graphical performance.

Shrinkwrap "link" to support updates to original model – Allows the ability to update a shrinkwrap model after the original model changed. With this option, creating a shrinkwrap model will store a link in the master file to access the shrinkwrap setting and to update the saved model when changes occur in the master.

Additional Improvement in Shrink Wrap – More supported cases such as open face fill in certain cases (i.e. Extrusion profile file outside profile). Support better options to detect visibility for easily control and predictable results.

Enhanced User Experience Improvements

Web/Cloud Trial of IronCAD Products – A new trial user experience will be deployed to allow a trial of IronCAD without any requirement to download and install the products (eliminate a potential roadblock in the trail process). Users will have an instant access to our 2019 trial for a limited period of time.

Improve the Cloud Web Viewer usability and access of files – The new viewer has an updated interface to make it appear more modern. In addition, a new option to upload and generate a shareable link will be available (*not yet available in the Beta). This will allow storage of the viewable for a period of time then it will be removed. Users can quickly generate and share files without worrying how to share the data by sending a shareable link with their collaborators. Note: The sharable link and online storage is not in the Beta version.

Add a tab to "Welcome Dialog" for direct access to learning videos - Aid to users in getting started with the product by allowing them direct access to the learning center points on the website.

Edge/Handle UI Improvements – Improvements have been made in the application for the display of edges and handles giving IronCAD a more modern appearance.

TriBall UI Improvements for Size and Visibility – The TriBall has been updated to give a more modern look and feel and bring a more 3D appearance.

Smart eBehaviors/Assembly Improvements

Link Attachment points support using the TriBall link commands. Link support for the name and properties to be linked to enable better reuse and quicker design of smart components.

Allow attachment points to be stored in Catalogs (to quickly reuse). Simply drag and drop into the catalog and drag onto a shape to reuse the attachment.

Improve "Attachment Point Reattachment" to support Drag & Drop concepts and potentially Mech Mode enabled movements. When using this command, the mechanism mode is enabled and you can simply drag components with attachment points (with constraint settings) to another object to see them connect. This is important when the objects are mechanisms like 4 bar linkages.

Property page for Shapes that have Attachment Points Now Show Names – The property pages on parts now will show the correct name for the attachment points versus a standard name.

Attachment Point Alias – Users can now have Alias names for the attachment points. For example: If you have the same attachment point copied multiple times at a location, you could give each a different alias to identify them (i.e. Left, right, front, back).

Selection for SizeBox Handles – Improved method to select opposite handle for symmetric input/drag. Today this is fairly hidden using the CTRL key select and poses to be difficult when the opposite handle is off the screen. The improvement is to have a more visible or easier method to get the handle selected.

Smooth 2D sketch arcs at Zoom – When looking at large arcs/circles in the sketch, draw true circles versus the facetted circle so that it is clear and the highlight/selection is correct.

Update Empty Scene for Extrude Behavior to Exclude scene with no parts – When selecting new feature commands, disregard the new part or existing part property browser if the scene only contains 2D Sketches or 3D curves. Also, if a sketch is selected when entering the command, it will automatically use that sketch in the command. This will enable a faster and more user friendly workflow when using the Extrude command.

Ghost Tool Improvement – New command "select ghost" command that will allow selection of ghosted objects from the scene to perform actions like unghost selected.

Set Transparency Tool – Add a new Catalog item that will allow a SmartPaint setting of Transparency only. This will allow for the ability to create SmartPaints of different levels of Transparency and to quickly apply them to geometry without affecting the other color settings. This will be a drag & drop catalog item.

Update Open Dialog to New MS Open Dialog – Update the Open dialog to the newer version of the Microsoft dialogs to add more consistency with Windows. Note: Not currently in the Beta version.

Remove Shadow on Scene Brower – Update the existing window and docking bar frames to remove the shadow border to make the look appear more flat.

General Customer Required Improvements

General Requirements:

Visibility on Sketch Dimensions on Feature Selection for Spin, Sweep, Loft and Sheet Metal – Extending the capability added for Extrudes, Sketch dimensions will now appear on Spin, Sweep, Loft and Sheet Metal shapes.

Support for True Color 32-bit Icon support in Catalogs – Ability to replace icons in the catalog with True Color 32-bit Icons for better clarify and visual appearance.

Drop detection for zoomed out to Auto Scale Larger – When working in a larger file, dropping features such as blocks will auto detect the scale and ask to resize the object to a larger size (similar to the scale down procedure already in place).

Support Forced Direction Dimension Solve from Projected Edge References (Flipping Dimension Solve Issue) – This issue has been resolved so that the dimension reference will not flip when referring to projected edges.

Mirror Part / Assembly – A new display has been added to the scene browser to clearly identify Mirrored Parts/Assemblies. This will help make it clear which part you are working on prior to running commands like Export.

Support Cadenas Tree Importer Function – Direct access to Cadenas part library within IronCAD to download and open files. This is a new browser that runs inside of IronCAD that allows you to browse and open files directly inside of IronCAD. This is found on the Add-in's Ribbon Bar.

Support update to the latest kernels and translator versions.

User Name, Description, Custom Property Tool – New catalog item that is a text string property for User Name, Part Number, Description and Custom Properties. This allows users to build standard and custom string properties in a catalog that can be dropped onto parts/assemblies to set the name as starting points (or finished items) versus manually entering these properties repeatedly.

Sheet Metal Requirements:

Sheet Metal Corner Reliefs support – New tool to allow the addition of circular, rectangular and Obround to 2 and 3 corner sheet metal conditions. This is added as a feature that is editable.

New Drag and Drop Behavior for Bends/Add Stock – Drop on face and connect to nearest edge to be easier to use. Added UI to toggle Up/Down direction. Allows quicker creation of sheet metal without the need to hit precise edges.

Display of sheetmetal bend lines in the scene on unfolds for visual and snap reference. Users can now see and reference the bend lines in the flat. Dimensions can be set and transferred to the drawing to speed up drawing creation.

Default drop as Intellishape mode with Handle Active. The default drop of the stock shape will have an active handle to allow direct input of the size.

Loft Sheet Metal support for Linked Profiles - To support more parametric shapes easily by being able to link to 2D profiles in the sheet metal loft command.

Unfolded Length of Part in Sketched Bend –Ability to set bend allowance to "Unfolded Length of part" for a sketched bend line in the Sketched Bend for all bends.

Bend Allowance Value in Sketch Bend to be parametric - To control the unfolded length for sketched bend lines. In the PB for Sketched Bend, Allow the parameter to be set BA= for example.

Bend to include a Cut Out for manufacturing – This is a new setting per bend to create a manufacturing notch on the unfold at the bendline ends. This allows for clear positioning and bending for press bend sheet metal processes.


Drag & Drop Image Support into ICD – Ability to easily add images to the ICD. Drag and Drop images into the ICD to automatically scale properly is now supported.

Bulk Creation Tool to Allow Add Sheet to Existing Drawing. Using the Bulk Drawing Creation command, you can now add a new sheet to an open drawing as an existing sheet. This allows the ability to continually add new sheets for new or missed parts in the original drawing creation.

Backup For ICD - Like Backup for ICS. Support has been added for the Back-up of ICD's similar to the Back-up of ICS files.

Baseline Dimensions – Support improved placement for the Baseline dimension for Top/Bottom/Left/Right placement. Ideally place on the correct side on pick and support to move and maintain correct spacing outside of the dimension in those orientations.

Dimension's Text for Pre/Post/Super script - This is the ability to have a single style for Font and Size for the dimension and pre, post, over, under text. Then support overrides if the user manually changes the font/size on a dimension. Otherwise they would follow the style and update if the style is edited.

Dimensions Properties in Property Browser – Add more settings to the PB for dimensions. This is primarily after creation but we would like to add some settings during creation as well.

Change default BOM to search by all columns – Change the default BOM to count QTY based on all columns. Ideally this can be a setting that can be stored with BOM Templates so that users can create their own as well if desired.


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Re: IRONCAD 2019 beta testy

Postautor: BartWitch » 10 sty 2019, 12:27

Kiedy przewidywane jest wydanie pierwszej Polskiej wersji?

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Re: IRONCAD 2019 beta testy

Postautor: p.hese » 10 sty 2019, 13:45

Podłączam się, wersja 2019 po Polsku miała pojawić się do końca stycznia. Kiedy można spodziewać się aktualizacji?

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Re: IRONCAD 2019 beta testy

Postautor: Dariusz Łęczyński » 14 sty 2019, 22:50

p.hese pisze:
10 sty 2019, 13:45
Podłączam się, wersja 2019 po Polsku miała pojawić się do końca stycznia. Kiedy można spodziewać się aktualizacji?
Planowo Polska wersja bliżej końca lutego/marca podobnie było rok temu i 2 lata temu :).

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